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Sabrina is an active member of the PPA (Professional Photographers of America) where she achieved the grade of Certified Professional Photographer (CPP). Sabrina also holds a certificated in professional photography from the NYIP and regularly attends Canon's official training sessions at diverse locations in the USA.

She started her career in photography more than 15 years ago with the vision to deliver outstanding images and videos while sharing her love for photography as a powerful artistic expression.

Sabrina grew up in the southern lands of La Patagonia, Argentina. At a young age she developed a strong love for art and photography, inspired by her mother's paintings and her father, who traveled those remote and open lands taking photos while working for an oil and gas company.

Sabrina jumped into photography for the first time more than fifteen years ago, armed with a Canon EOS300 camera, a few lenses, some film and a strong curiosity for light and shadow. She experimented developing black-and-white film on paper, learning how developer and fixer transformed her negatives into photographs in a small darkroom at the back of an old office. Since then Sabrina has never stopped learning and exploring about photography, starting a journey that has taken her to master digital processing and fast evolving new technologies in this fascinating field.

“Which of my photographs is my favorite? —The one I'm going to take tomorrow.”
Imogen Cunningham

However, Sabrina's passion for photography was born long before the first time she saw a painting or a camera. In fact, her love for the art of seizing light is strongly tied to the way she discovered the world. Most people have discovered the world only once or never, but she did three times...

As most people, Sabrina's first sight of the world was the day she was born. She did not realized the world she was seeing was different than the world everybody else was seeing until years later; when one of her teachers discovered Sabrina was suffering from severe sight limitations. Sabrina got her first pair of glasses when she was eleven years old, which was the second time she discovered the world but the first time she ever saw the stars.

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Sabrina still remembers how surprised she was when the blur went away; the car lights at night weren't shiny undefined spots anymore, they had shapes... The stars on the sky were so many, and so much more.

Then, when Sabrina turned twenty five years old she finally made enough money for the medical intervention that fixed her affection and took her to rediscover the world once again. This time her wonder was born from the details she had never seen before; leaves suddenly had channels and the world gained a sharpness that she decided to capture forever.

It is quite a contradiction —but one often seen— that our greatest hardships might lite our strongest passions. Sabrina's love for photography is second only to the love she has for her children, then it comes her husband and her dog —shifting, far behind, in a third place on her list.

If you have the opportunity to meet Sabrina, you will have the privilege of enjoying her talent and skills in doing what she loves more: Revealing the world around us in the way she sees it.

March 23, 2014
by Emilio

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